plan heroicland
plan heroicland

General Map

Come and stroll through the 40 hectares of HEROIC LAND
Once you are in the park, you can cross Main Street, surrounded by the traditional decor of the city of Calais, and head off into the six worlds that make up HEROIC LAND :
• Seaworld, the underwater depths for younger visitors,
• Steam Punk Fantasy, the world of Jules Verne,
• Heroic-Fantasy Land, the lands of the fantastic worlds,
• Science-Fiction Zone, the big thrills of outer space,
• Manga City, modern and ancient Japan,
• Adventurer’s League, the faraway lands of the adventurers.

To set off on an adventure, explore HEROIC CITY.

Located between the city of Calais and the HEROIC LAND Park, HEROIC CITY is a venue combining shops, hotels, restaurants and leisure. In the ambiance of a leafy village, you can recover after a day of thrills and excitement at HEROIC LAND.