Heroicland développement durable

Sustainable development

HEROIC LAND aims to be a leader in terms of its environmental policy (landscaping, choice of building materials, synergy with the Colombier-Virval area), energy use (efficiency) and social credentials (employment and training policies).

Landscape maintenance work will be very significant: over 1330 trees and 7500 shrubs will be planted, thus creating more than 5 hectares of green spaces.

Moreover, a system of High Environmental Quality (HQE) methods has been implemented across the urban development zones (ZAC) of the Virval and the Turquerie where HEROIC LAND will be based. These efforts will lead to the establishment of PALME charters, which detail the undertakings agreed in terms of concepts, how work is carried out, but also subsequent management of the site. These have primarily been established in terms of the main body of works (logistics, economic activities, public amenities). A HQE certification was obtained by the developers, Territoires 62, on 26th April 2013 with regards to the management of this operation.