Themed worlds

Sea World - Heroicland Calais
Plunge into the marvellous underwater realm of SEA WORLD, an indoor theme park for little heroes accompanied by their parents. They can play in the midst of underwater themed spaces, with aquariums containing real fish. They can become pirates as ...Read more
Steam Punk - Heroicland Calais
Meet the biggest heroes of Jules Verne in a STEAM PUNK ambiance. 
You will use the most original steam-powered vehicles, set-off for five weeks on a hot-air balloon or journey to the centre of the Earth.Read more
Manga City - Heroicland Calais
Explore the universe of MANGA CITY and experience thrills as you travel through traditional Japan, land of the samurais, right up to XXI Century Japan, cradle of the Hi-tech city. Experience all the adventures of your favourite Manga heroes.Read more
Science Fiction - Heroicland Calais
Space heroes can explore faraway planets and extra-terrestrial creatures in the SCIENCE FICTION ZONE, a world of big thrills.Read more
Adventurer's League - Heroicland Calais
Heroes, big and small, welcome to the ADVENTURER'S LEAGUE, the continent that blends landscapes from extraordinary lands, with water, ice and fire, where you can drive a racing car, fly a fighter plane or even sail on, and beneath, the waves.Read more
Main Street - Heroicland Calais
Main Street, the park’s main thoroughfare, leads you into the six worlds that make up Heroic Land. The buildings that flank this road are constructed in the image of the city of Calais at the start of the twentieth century. A belfry dominates Main ...Read more